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Choosing a wedding gift for a couple may, at first, seem like a pretty simple endeavor. Most of us think we can just run right out on our lunch hour and grab something, have it wrapped, and, voila! — problem solved. But if you’ve ever actually tried to do this, you’ve surely discovered that it’s never, ever that easy! There are several criteria to be met before purchasing a wedding gift, so let’s go over some of them — before you waste another lunch hour!

If Possible, Make It Personal

First off: How well are you acquainted with the couple? Is this wedding gift going to a close, personal friend or a relative who is getting married? If you know someone fairly intimately, then whatever you select needs to reflect that. What do you know about who is getting married that can make your gift to them special, memorable?

Do you happen to know that the soon-to-be bride and groom love to go rock climbing, for instance? If so, then you can make your gift something that rock climbers use — hooks, rappelling lines, backpacks… even books on rock climbing would be good, particularly something like a coffee table book with great photographs that could be displayed in the couple’s living room or den.

Perfect Gift for the Party

Wedding Party Cosmetic Bags

Pink, zippered cosmetic bag made of nylon with mesh pocket on front, and embroidered in pink thread.

9″ x 3″ x 7″

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Carlson Craft

Beautiful Everyday Bag

Eco Shopping Bag

Perfect for groceries, books, toys, beach, pool or anything else you can imagine. This lightweight roomy bag is constructed of polypropylene (a sturdy mesh-like fabric). The eco shopper holds over 20 lbs and looks adorable when you are on the go! It’s also a great add-on purchase to our other merchandise.


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Occasionally Made

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